Man who ‘attacked’ President Buhari in Kebbi speaks on what transpired

The man who described himself as a support of the president addressing the media on Friday.

The unidentified man who charged towards President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday has apologised for the outage that greeted his action.

Mr Buhari had visited Kebbi State for a function yesterday and posed to take group photographs when the man interrupted the process.

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In an eight video clip circulating across various platforms on the social media, the man’s action appeared like an attack given how he hurried towards the president.

Explaining, the development, the presidency said the man went to handshake Mr Buhari when security personnel aborted the mission.

Addressing the media on Friday, the man corroborated the position of the presidency while apologising for his action.

He confirmed that he was an excited fan of the President who broke protocol and wanted to have a handshake with him.

“I did not attack President Buhari, I was emotionally attached to his outstanding virtues of honesty and craved to shake him,” the man named Mohammed Jamilu Gunddare, who was flanked by Lai Mohammed, Information Minister, said.

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