Guide To Guest Contributors

Today Politics is a Nigerian web based media outlet that primarily provide political tit bits that Nigerians are likely to take interest in.

Its editorial team are working to incorporate user-submitted contents into everyday reporting to make interaction with readers as bilateral and mutual as possible.

Bearing this in mind, we have created a channel to give Nigerians a unique chance to express their views and be heard by thousands of readers who visit this website daily.

Are you an aspiring author or writer? Do you have a say on current, hot and trending topics? We would appreciate your desire to share your writing with us.

So, if you’re passionate about a subject or an expert in your field and have something original to say, we’d love to hear from you.

Please note that all submitted opinion articles are carefully reviewed before publication.

If your piece is declined, we will let you know why so that you could make the necessary changes and then resubmit it for publication.

After sending your article, please be patient. We will get back to you as fast as we can!

We do not publish:
  • Articles containing foul language;
  • Anything that can be considered hate speech, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory materials;
  • Libel and/or defamation.
Ensure you follow the below guidelines:
  1. Refrain from promoting political bias at the expense of intelligent, reasoned discourse;
  2. Citing other people’s quote is allowed only if due credit is acknowledged.
  3. Ensure the content originated from you. We want to know what your thoughts are;
  4. Keep headlines descriptive and to the point, and keep the puns for the article itself;
  5. Remember to check your spellings and punctuations;
  6. If you you are providing statistical data, quotes, making a reference to or citing any external source, make sure you include links to the original material;
  7. Avoid citing and/or providing links to Wikipedia.
  8. Add a brief intro about yourself.

Note: Opinion(s) expressed are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of TODAY POLITICS  or its editors.

Write to us through  [email protected], telling us what you want to write about and why.

We also welcome any feedback, suggestions, complaints or compliments.