Atiku, Obi and the road to Kilimanjaro

There are three things that could minimise this regular cycle of bitter election combats, which take a toll on everyone, except those for whom the combats have become a cash cow.

This Seaport In The Southeast; The Feasibility

By Capt. Evarest Nnaji As we take seriously, the need for a realistically more robust economic activities cum development of Southeast Nigeria where potentials of Ndigbo could be harnessed and deployed towards the end of...

Nigeria in dire need of patriots

But while most statespersons are inclined to stay within the observatories and watch phenomena, a few in the obverse end, with bullhorns, attempt to overwhelm the cosmos of opinions with disturbing anti-nationalist tropes.

Three myths about subsidy removal

Today, that opposition, now in government, has implemented the measure which they opposed.

Davido: Why Yoruba and Hausa Muslims reacted differently to video

The differential reactions to the music video—and to most other issues involving religion— among Nigerian Muslims can be traced to the history and character of the evolution of Islam in the North and in the Southwest.

Does social media affect your voting?

In light of the exponential growth in social media adoption and use in the last few years, two election cycles after 2015, COVID-19 and #Endsars, students, researchers and scholars would find Cyber Politics a valuable resource material.

The positive sides of Tinubunomics

What we see is that the President has continued to play “Rose Garden politics”, grab the power, hold it, and be seen to be taking charge and be seen also to be doing so, even as the opposition continues to raise questions of legitimacy.

Three lessons about Insecurity In Nigeria

Following the retreat of the military to the barracks on May 29, 1999, the security situation in the country ran amok.

3 lessons from the ethnicization of the JAMB controversy

The enduring divisions in the polity in the aftermath of the last presidential election also influenced how certain people approached the young lady’s exam result fraud.
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