Monday, September 20, 2021

Opinion Articles

2023 Presidency: Who will go for us?

The Buhari administration rode on a messianic chariot to revise these malefactions.

I like this pampering, don’t you?

If they won’t let decent society be, get rid of them.

Restructuring Nigeria with a cutlass – the Wike way

There has been a cacophony of arguments, but one opinion which a good number of Nigerians hold is that the orbital states that make up the country should determine, manage and control their own resources.

NDDC audit report, scaremongers and rabble-rousers

The script often leaves out the critical issue of the moment and dwells rather on tangential matters.

When will Buhari release Nnamdi Kanu?

If they still have the opportunity, they will silently take him out, because they see him as a threat.

NDA attack and Yusuf Buhari’s lavish wedding

The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.

Biafra: Before they kill Joe Igbokwe!

He was captured on video kneeling down and thanking God for 'surviving' Kanu!

NDA Attack: It’s evil, pure and simple

They actually gloat, pretending to be concerned, while actually rejoicing that the house rat had urinated in the pot of soup.

Stolen crown, failed coronation and the other Sultan

He challenged the government to tackle the rising inflation and the high cost of living and to stop making excuses.
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