Your opinion about me is irrelevant, Buhari replies Danjuma

The opinion of former Defence Minister, Theophilus Danjuma, about the present administration headed by President Muhammadu Buhari has been described as irrelevant.

Mr Buhari gave the description in a chat with TheInterview, in response to the position held by the former minister.

Mr Danjuma had, last year in Ibadan, said should he make public what he knows about the goings on in the government, Nigerians would lose sleep.

The comment was viewed as a vote of no confidence on the administration of Buhari who was re-elected last year for another term of four years.

“And what is the vote of confidence of Nigerians in me, as expressed in the polls last year?” the president queried when asked to react to the statement of the former minister.

Mr Buhari, however, said his re-election was a vindication of his voters’ confidence and support for him and his government’s policies.

“That is what matters more, not the opinion of one man,” the president added.