The Lip Service Of Enugu State Governor Couldn’t Stop Buhari’s Victory

It is no longer news that our dear President has won a well deserved second term to continue the delivery of people- oriented programmes to the good people of Nigeria.

Our country is now on a very certain path to steady “next-level” growth and consolidation.

Our admiration is for those APC stalwarts who persevered at the polling booths, endured the frightening shenanigans of a rampaging State Government and who, in the end, triumphed on the back of a fulfilling national APC tally.

What remains however, is to add the names of those at the helm of the Enugu State Government in the Book of Shame.

After paying surreptitious lip-service, pretending in the dark of many nights to support Mr. President, Governor Ugwuanyi’s well-funded hirelings orchestrated huge vote buying, vote suppression, ballot stuffing, purchase of pliant on-field INEC staff & security forces, intimidation of both defiant Voters/APC Agents, and massive Results Sheets’ tampering, in a brazen but ignobly successful combination. In the end, Enugu State APC’s Presidential tally was suppressed and (despite the very very low voter turnout) Mr. Abubakar’s credit was odorously increased just to prevent PMB from retaining the 27.7% he had already garnered.

Governor Ugwuanyi and his henchmen deviously turned elementary statistics on its head. They just added as many votes to Abubakar’s tally as were necessary until our votes for PMB fell to much below the 25% threshold.

Their sin is sure coming back to live with them (as the ominously looming consuming clouds gather, announcing the imminence of the Shakespearean “Ides of March”), for, though Governor Ugwuanyi proverbially sold Enugu to Mr. Abubakar, our Candidate, M. Buhari (GCFR) has been, again, elected President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Congratulations, Mr. President.

In God We Trust!
Ozo Rt. Hon. Barrister KGB Oguakwa, (SHR),
Senator Ayogu Eze Enugu State APC Governorship Campaign Organization
(Fmr Member/Committee Chairman , House of Representatives, Abuja, 2003-2011).