Enugu: Reception For Mburubu Igwe-elect Leaves Many Battered

Battering, suppression, impishness, assault were order of the day on Sunday, February 4, 2024, in Mburubu Community, Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State as poor old people and vulnerable youths of the community were violently attacked

Report says they were attacked for attending the grand reception organized in honour of Ozor Engr Jerry Patrick Onuokaibe who was recently chosen as the new monarch but awaits certification from the Enugu State Governor Peter Mbah.

Amidst the kingship tussle which has engulfed the community, another factional Igwe-elect emerged. Some villagers said the attackers are supporters of the other faction that injured their kinsmen and villagers of Ihuegbe quarter for attending his rival’s grand reception.

Some villagers said that ever since presentation of Chief Igbudu by a fractional faction of the indigenes, the ones peaceful community has been fraught with violence and blackmail against the Igwe-elect Onuokaibe.

“We cannot continue to tolerate attacks on members of the community often fuelled by the incendiary rhetoric of political leaders in Mburubu,” Ozor Chinedu Ezechukwu said, describing the attack as “despicable”.

He added that the development represented a new and dangerous dimension,urging police to investigate the attack on the indigenes orchestrated by Chief Igbudu and cohorts.

Save for the quick intervention of the Nigeria Army people could have been killed.

According to Ozor Ezechukwu, the attackers were ostensibly on a mission to disrupt the peace of the community explaining that Onuokaibe was elected in accordance with all applicable constitutional and cultural standards of the community

“The escalation of violence, attack on the community people calculated to intimidate and scuttle legitimate election of Ozor Onuokaibe as Igwe designate is unacceptable and must stop. We cannot permit or excuse anyone to inflict harm, maim or kill others on account of local power intrigues.

“That is the direct antithesis of our cultural norms and negates the greatness of our community,” Ozor Ezechukwu said.

He called on the Inspector General of Police to order a full, thorough and expeditious investigation of the incident.

“This is a matter of State concern. Mburubu people must be reassured that attending community events is not akin to a journey of no return. Every Mburubu person irrespective of affiliation is entitled to his or her fundamental rights and should not be cajoled or intimidated,” he said.

He wished the injured in the attack speedy and full recovery and urged Ndi Mburubu to remain calm, strong, and undeterred as the Igwe-Elect is on top the situation.

The scheme to destabilize the community continues in various ways, representing a clear and present danger in the Community.