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Stop attacking Bauchi gov, go and buy your own AK47 rifles, Nnamdi Kanu tells Nigerians

Nnamdi Kanu has advised Nigerians to stop attacking Bala Mohammed, governor of Bauchi State over his comments justifying herdsmen bearing dangerous arms.

Mr Kanu’s advise comes days after Mr Mohammed claimed herders bear arms for self-defense against alleged cattle rustlers. The governor’s assertion irked most Nigerians and groups who have continued to berate him since he made the claim on Thursday.

For the secessionist leader, the comment of the Bauchi helmsman should serve motivation to citizens to arm themselves against criminal elements rather than resort to name calling.

“Dear indigenous Nigerians: Instead of faulting Fulani Gov of Bauchi for justifying AK47 assault riffles for herdsmen, you should urgently embark on the business of getting one for yourself,” Mr Kanu said on Twitter Saturday afternoon.


“For how long will this trumpet of war sound before you beat your plowshares into weapons,” he added in a tweet.

The menace of criminal herders largely from the Fulani extraction has led to several ultimatum from host communities to the problematic Herdsmen.

Yesterday, youths in Ogun State issued a seven-day quit notice for the pastoralists to vacate Yawe local government area in the state. This was after the dead of five residents said to have been killed in the locality by herdsmen.

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