Senator Abbo appears before PDP, tenders apology over assault on Abuja lady

Elisha Abbo, the lawmaker representing Adamawa North at the Senate, has apologized for his outburst at an Abuja adult toys shop where he assaulted a lady.

Mr Abbo pounced on a lady at the shop where he went to make some purchase. The lawmaker was reportedly accompanied by three ladies, according to Premium Times which published a video clip showing the Adamawa lawmaker inflicting pains on the victim.

The HIV/AIDS carrier who confirmed that he was indeed the one in the clip denied assaulting the victim due to an alleged insult meted out to him. He said he was in the building to seek justice for his sister who was manhandled at the shop.

Although the Nigerian Senate, the Nigeria Police have ordered investigation into what transpired at the shop, the Senator has apologized for his actions while appearing before the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that summoned him over his alleged misconduct.

His apology was aired live on the Twitter page of the opposition party when the lawmaker addressed a press conference.

“I am not here to narrate my side of the story, I am here to apologise and therefore, it is with deep sense of regret and responsibility that I profoundly apologised to all Nigerians, the Senate, the People’s Democratic Party, my family, friends as well as my mothers. I personally apologised to Bibi and her family for my actions,” Mr Abbo who could not help but shead tears said.

“No matter what you did to me, you do not deserve such treatment and I am sorry. I have never been known for violence; regardless of what transpired, prior to my expression of anger which I am not ready to discuss.

“I am sincerely sorry and I plead that all men and women of good conscience should have the heart to forgive me. To err is human and to forgive is divine.

“My family and religious upbringing will not give me approval for such conduct and as a leader which I have become today, I seek for forgiveness from God almighty and those I have offended by my actions.

“This is not me. My life can never be defined by five minutes. I have stood up for humanity all of my young life; I have stood up for good causes and for those that could not stand for themselves.

“To the Church of God, everywhere in the world, I am sorry. As an ambassador of Christ Jesus, I am sorry and I should live like Christ. “This episode has taught me a lesson both as a private citizen and a public office holder on whom public confidence is bestowed.

“I assure all Nigerians, especially the youths and the people of Adamawa North senatorial district of my good conduct and behaviour,” Abbo said.