Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State says his benefactor and national leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Bola Tinubu is the most qualified person to take over from President Muhammadu Buhari next year.

“Tinubu’s practicable ideas in governance make him the most qualified successor and saleable choice for the job,” Mr Sanwo-Olu said on Thursday while drumming support for the candidacy of the former governor during the formal inauguration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (ABAT) Movement’s Working Committee in Ikeja.

Mr Tinubu, after years of speculations, declared interest over two weeks ago when he went to notified Mr Buhari of his intention to succeed him in office.

After his declaration, interest groups and individuals began supporting his candidacy which led members of the Governor’s Advisory Council (GAC) in Lagos to conceive and set up ABAT.

Addressing members of the movement’s working committee in Ikeja, the state capital, the governor said the indisputable capability of Mr Tinubu to effectively manage human and material resources for visible progress stood him out as the most qualified Nigerian to be president in 2023.

“Our country is the most populous black nation in the world and the responsibility that comes with that is enormous,” he said. “No doubt that the destiny of the entire black race is tied to the greatness of Nigeria.

”If our country must be great, we have the responsibility to choose the leadership that will bring about true transformation across every facet of our national life.

”Who is that rallying figure that should lead us in this journey? The answer is deeply connected to our mission and purpose here today. That person must be a detribalised Nigerian and a bridge-builder, who has been tested and trusted.

”A thinker, who must sustain the legacy our current president is leaving behind. That person is the reason we are inaugurating this movement for the actualisation of his presidential ambition. That person is our great leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu,” he added.