Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Hisbah thugs should leave Shatu Garko alone!

Apparently, these sartorial codes are meant only for Muslim women who have the misfortune of being born by parents who aren’t prosperous and politically connected.

Buhari’s Christmas bonus for the Police

But we accord them no respect, we esteem them as men of sorrow, acquainted with grief.

Nigerians, when can we get it right?

The politics of region and religion has done us no good, we have stayed on this page for a while and nothing to show for it.

Only Buhari’s switch to Christianity will nudge the North

Well, firstly, the protests are not “mass,” don’t seem to resonate widely, and are already caving in before they have even started. Give it a few more days and all will be quiet. Until another cascade of mass killings grips us.

Buhari at 79: Lessons we’ve learnt from him

But we’ve had all these, and more, in Muhammadu Buhari, the child of destiny, who turns 79 December 17, 2021.

Magu, DCP Abba Kyari and the endless empty probes

But if Magu is not fit to be EFCC chairman going by the allegations levelled against him by those who appointed him, is he fit to remain a police officer?

The anointed one and his diehards, the region and anagnorisis

It will interest you to know that religious leaders also vigorously campaigned for him, saying he is the solution to our enormous problems.

Towards consolidating the Nigerian health policies on climate change

Carbon forms an important component of the gasses called greenhouse gasses (such as carbon dioxide and methane) that trap heat and cause climate change through global warming.

My boarding school experience

The school had earlier said that Sylvester injured himself while playing football.
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