Kidnapped Anambra native doctor regains freedom, narrates ordeal

Chukwudozie Nwangwu, a popular native doctor in Oba, Idemmili local government area of Anambra State, kidnapped on Sunday night, has regained his freedom.

Mr Nwangwu, nicknamed Akwa Okuku Tiwara Aki – roughly translated as, the Chicken’s egg that breaks the palm kernel – was released Saturday morning, social media video clips showed.

His release has been confirmed by the Police who said they were unaware of the conditions though the native doctor was rumoured to have paid over ₦300 million to his abductors as ransom.

Mr Nwangwu said at about 11:30pm on Sunday, he received a call from one Okay Japan, urging him to come over to one of his hotels where the caller claimed to have spent almost ₦300,000 as a first timer there.

He narrated that about thirty minutes after his arrival in his new car, gunshots were fired and he lost two of his security aides during the attack but decided to submit himself to the kidnappers rather than escaping, an act which might infuriate his abductors to kill other surrendered customers in the premises.

He said his attackers who yielded sophisticated arms and ammunitions, including rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers, shot at him but none penetrated.

“When I came out to know what was wrong, they began shooting at me, but I know who I am,” the native doctor explained in Igbo language in the midst of his jubilant supporters. “They subsequently dragged me into their vehicle and zoomed off.”

“If I had wanted to run, I would have run, but I had seen people they would shoot at, if I dared to run. What I did was to save the souls of others. I followed them so I would also not be accused of bringing the kidnappers.”

He did not give details of where he was taken to but said he watched as over 20 persons were shot and killed, with the kidnappers vowing to abduct rich and influential individuals whom he heard but refused to name.