Detained agitator, Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho has knocked his legal representatives over how his extradition case is being handled.

Mr Igboho who fled the country after his Ibadan residence was violently raided by agents of the State Security Service (SSS) also demanded to be returned to Nigeria from Benin Republic where he is currently detained.

Wanted for alleged gun-running, the secessionist leader who made headlines after ordering violent herdsmen out of the South West region, was arrested while en route to Germany with his wife who is from the foreign country.

When he was picked up in Benin, the President Muhammadu Buhari administration moved to extradite him back to the country but his legal team frustrated the move.

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In a leaked audio, Igboho accused Ibrahim Salami, one of his lawyers, of disrespecting by ignoring and abandoning him to attend to other clients.

He demanded to be returned to Nigeria, saying if his colleague, Nnamdi Kanu, detained leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), could survive in the hands of state agents he definitely will too.

Igboho, who is fond of speaking in Yoruba language and had his comments translated by Peoples Gazette Wednesday also described his lawyers as incompetent.

“He (Salami) didn’t give me respect at all,” the frustrated agitator complained. “I told him I was hungry and had to eat, and he told me to go. I told him to see me. It wasn’t because of those people that he came here now. I was waiting for him for 15 minutes. If he had told those people to give him time to attend to his client, that one would not have said anything because he knew you came there because of me.

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“But he abandoned me where I was. I didn’t know him before now; I wasn’t expecting him at all. I didn’t know it was Salami that lawyer Falola would be sending. “I’m not a young boy now; I’ll be 50 years (old) by October this year. I might have a small body, but God answered my prayers. I’m a man, and I know my worth.

“I have accepted my fate. I do not fear anything except God. I will ask the judge if he is God. If they decide to take me back to Nigeria, let them take me there. Kanu is in Nigeria, and we are fighting under the same circumstances. It is only fear, but if there is God there, let them bring me to Nigeria.

“The lawyers that can’t convince a judge to release me. See how many they are: about 10 of them. Are those ones lawyers? The lawyers that can’t let them remove handcuffs from my hands for seven days until Falola came. It wasn’t small money that they collected. Some collected N5 million, some N4 million.

“I don’t need any information from them. I told my wife when she visited me recently: any information that can’t take me out of here is useless.

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“If I get angry with anyone, the person won’t be able to hold me. The day I confronted them here in prison, they were shocked. I told them to either kill me or change my cell and that I didn’t care if they would open fire on me. They had no option than to change my cell,” he added.

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