Controversial Catholic priest, Ejike Mbaka, says attempts by anyone to shut him up has failed and will continue to fail.

Mr Mbaka who resumed religious activities in his Adoration Ministry on Sunday after a one month suspension by the Bishop of Enugu Catholic Diocese, Calistus Onaga, confirmed he is being wanted for questioning in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

Addressing his audience, Mbaka, who clashed with the presidency last month over misgovernance before being suspended, said he will not keep quiet and will continue to voice out when necessary.

This is despite being told by the church authorities to steer clear from commenting on politics related developments in the country.

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“I got a call that the DSS people from Abuja came here (Enugu) with a letter of invitation to Abuja,” Mr Mbaka is heard saying in a video on YouTube. “Over what? What I cannot understand is that the mother church in Nigeria should be “cowed down” to lilliputian.

“The church is a lion and lamb. The bible says if the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do. Every priest is a prophet and a king. We must protect the sheep. In this time, when killings are every day story, when there is hunger everywhere, people do not have hope again. The only hope I have is God. Anybody who will stop people from worshipping here will regret it.

“I am the servant here. They don’t understand history. I spoke against Abacha. I went to Minna to tell Babangida what was wrong in his time. I spoke to Obasanjo face to face. I perform under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I ministered to the late President Yaradua. I am being used by a higher being called the Holy Spirit.

“If they are attacking me here and there, no wahala (no problem). The Bible says if God is for us, who can be against us? Only God can be God. I heard the security people did not accept the letter. They asked them to come on Monday to give me the letter. If they know the anointing here is too hot for them, let them change. I will not keep quiet,” he added.

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