Johnson Suleman, the general overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries, has narrated how some herdsmen arrested beside his church disappeared.

Mr Suleman while narrating how the incident occurred also kicked against the plan of the federal government to establish Ruga settlement for herdsmen in a bid to curtail herders and farmers clashes nationwide.

Herdsmen are usually accused as arrowheads of insecurity bedeviling the country. Several criminal activities ranging from kidnappings, killings among others has been on the rise recently across the nation.

For the cleric, four herdmen were apprehended beside his church. He said those arrested were planning on how to attack the church.

Mr Suleman said the herdsmen were later handed over to the police and when they returned to know the next line of action, the herders were no where to be found on the excuse that they have been moved to the police headquarters.

The cleric whose church has branches nationwide did not give the location where the incident occurred.

“4 herdsmen were caught close to our church plotting an attack,” Mr Suleman said in a tweet on Tuesday.

“We apprehended them and handed them to the police..only to get there today and they are no where to be found.the police says they have been handed to the headquarters,” he said.

For him, the plan to establish Ruga settlement nationwide is land grabbing.

“You said ranches,some said said cattle routes,they want them as vigilantes in the east,they¬† its RUGA…what’s with you and land-grabbing?

“A group has no allocated land yet they kill,kidnap,rape and maim people on daily you want to give them lands all over to settle the dispute?.you are recommending a cure more terrible than the’s wrong..very wrong.

“When a govt lacks direction/programs it’s starts been stupid. Is cow business govt business?..cow business is private business..let all pepper sellers,goat herders,fish sellers also ask for lands.RUGA nonsense.even small nations are laughing at us,” he added.

He urged state governors not to cede any of their land for the initiative of the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration.