G-Wagon Debt: Portable released on bail

The Lagos State Police Command on Wednesday night released Badmus Okikiola Habeeb popularly known as Portable from detention.

Mr Habeeb was arrested on Tuesday but was detained after failing to provide a reliable surety.

He was picked up after a car dealer who sold a G-Wagon to him petitioned the Police, alleging that the musician reneged in paying the balance of the automobile worth N27 million he purchased earlier in the year with February 24 as deadline.

When he was shown an arrest warrant he requested, the 30-year-old scaled a gate in an unsuccessful attempt to escape before being bundled into a police vehicle.

Portable has so far paid N13 million with a balance of N14 million which he has refused to pay, complaining that the car was bad whenever the dealer calls him.

An agreement the duo signed which surfaced on social media after the arrest detailed how the payments were to be made in batches for the G-Wagon with chassis number 4JDASHB6GA656575.

“I, Badmus Okikiola Habeeb (aka Portable) of the above name and address, at this moment write this letter of undertaking that I purchase a Mercedes Benz GLE 350 Black colour with CHASIS NUMBER: 4JDASHB6GA656575 at the rate of twenty-seven million Naira only (N27,000,000.00), which I promise to pay first payment tomorrow on the 10th of January, 2024, twelve million Naira only (N12,000,000.00), second payment will be on the 24th January, 2024, five million nairas (5,000,000.00),” the agreement reads.

“The third payment will be on the 10th of February, 2024, five million naira (N5,000,000.00); the balance must be paid on the 24th of February, 2024, five million Naira only (N5,000,000.00). Altogether, the money is twenty-seven Million nairas only (27,000,000.00), which Badmus Okikiola Habeeb (aka Portable) agrees the car is very okay by me.”

Police spokesman, Fabian Benjamin who confirmed the release of the musician said he met his bail conditions Wednesday night before being allowed to go home.