Enugu Guber: CSOs Launch Movement To Protect Peter Mbah’s Mandate

Various interest groups in Enugu State converged to launch and publicly unveil a mandate protection movement for Barr Peter Mbah, the Governor-Elect of Enugu State, who contested and won the 2023 guber poll under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The Convener and Lead Speaker of the group, Comrade Kennedy Iyere while speaking during event held in Enugu said the need to defend the mandate of Peter Mbah is critical to the rapid development of Enugu State.

The move was Initiated by leading CSOs, the project attracted the interest of several pressure groups, professional associations, religious entities, youth and women pro-democracy networks among others.

They officially launched the “Mbah Mandate Movement, also known as “M3GROUP” for short, created for the exclusive aim of driving widespread advocacies and leading civic actions to safeguard the mandate of Peter Mbah against all forms of existing and potential threats or distractions.

The stakeholders who initiated this project believe that Barr Peter Mbah deserved the victory he got at the polls on the 18th March, 2023. They affirmed that he was the best among the key contestants.

Com Iyere affirmed that Peter Mbah’s administration will engender a responsible government whose priority is to accelerate social and economic development for the sustainable well-being of Enugu State and its people.

He said “Tell me who else, if not Peter Mbah, his records of past performances have made him the most acceptable among the three key persons who contested for the 2023 Enugu guber seat. His victory was well deserved and the results of the polls reflected the will of the people.

“Look at his achievements in the private sector where he distinguished himself, as a pacesetter. His Pinnacle Oil and Gas proudly has over 8000 employees. His Peter Mbah Foundation has shown compassion to thousands of persons through various humanitarian interventions.

“Among other contestants, show me anyone of them who has such an enviable legacy. Mbah has come to serve and to move Enugu State to its next realm of development and Ndi Enugu are aware of this.

“Therefore, those who are making efforts to distract his focus are hereby advised to distance themselves from him. This is the reason stakeholders have gathered today to launch the Mbah Mandate Movement, also known as M3GROUP,. It is a widespread advocacy group whose aim is to safeguard the mandate of Peter Mbah”, Iyere declared.

Also speaking, the Convener of CountryFirst Movement, Prof. Chris Nwaokobia described Mbah as a visionary leader capable of transforming the state.

He said “ we must defend Mbah’s mandate because of his passion to serve and develop Enugu state

“Leadership is all about commitment and competency and that’s why we have no any other option to support and defend Mbah’s mandate because we believe he will do everything possible to take Enugu state forward,” he said

Also, Popular Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor said Mbah was elected because of his capacity to deliver good governance

“We believe that only a man who can feed a home, should be given a wife and that’s why we gave our mandate to Mbah to transform Enugu state because it will be a shame that people like us will sit and watch the Enugu state drag to the mud because of selfish interest

“We must protect his mandate. Mbah is our leader so we must support him to develop the state,” she said

Other Stakeholders at the event thanked Ndi Enugu for giving their votes and their mandate to Peter Mbah. They assured Ndi Enugu and Nigerians at large that Peter Mbah remains the best and safest hand Enugu needs at this point as Governor.

They appealed to the conscience of all stakeholders and further reminded them of the need to prioritize the well-being of Ndi Enugu above other personal or collective interests. They said that the prioritization of the well-being of Ndi Enugu is the primary reason Peter Mbah has volunteered to serve as Governor. They appealed for the support of everyone and also cautioned against distractions.

Various and different interest groups attended the event. Scores of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) participated and they were led by Enugu Network of Civil Society Organizations. Several groups attended the event, including NBA, NUJ, PCRC, the Obidient Movement, NCFront, IPAC, CNPP, CRPP, TMG, League of Women Voters etc. Different youth and women groups, student organizations, religious entities and Artisan networks were among the participants.

The Stakeholders pledged their commitment towards safeguarding the mandate of Peter Mbah and have aligned themselves with the Mbah Mandate Movement (M3GROUP), as a vehicle for the same purpose.