Catholic priest absolves Islam from Deborah’s murder, names culprits

John Chinenye Oluoma, a Catholic priest of Abuja Archdiocese, has absolved Islam from the stoning and roasting of Deborah Samuel, a female student of Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto State yesterday.

Ms Deborah was killed on Thursday at the school premises after she allegedly blasphemed Prophet Mohammad reverenced by Muslims.

Trouble began after the 200 level Home-Economics student lamented bitterly at the influx of religious contents in her department’s WhatsApp group meant for academic purposes. She also rebuked attacks from other of her colleagues who attacked her for the alleged disparaging remarks.

The school authorities reportedly summoned and detained her at the security axis of the institution before irate fundamentalist arrived, dragged her out, stoned and set her remains ablaze.

Absolving Islam as the cause of the gruesome murder, Mr Oluoma on Friday said the incident should be attributed to the failures of justice and governance structures in the country.

The priest, known as Fada Oluoma on Facebook, said giving the incident a religious coloration will absolve the authorities from their incompetence.

Let’s be clear on this heinous crime that took place in Sokoto state, it is not a religious problem, no one should even attempt to cheapen it with stupid religious coloration,” the cleric clamoured. “It’s purely a legal and governance issue.

“If the Nigerian state cannot prosecute day light murderers in whatever guise, then it cannot make a claim to legitimacy. Only a failed state will not arrest and prosecute such audacious murderers and their enablers.

“We must direct our anger at the government and hold it responsible for justice. Making this a religious issue is tantamount to absolving government from it’s responsibility,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Imam of Abuja National Mosque, Ibrahim Maqari, has justified the stoning and roasting of the deceased student, adding that her killers should not be blamed for murdering Ms Deborah whom he accused of crossing the Islamic redline.