Buhari same yesterday, today and forever – Lawyer

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President Muhammadu Buhari has been described as the same yesterday, today and forever by a legal practitioner, Inibehe Effiong.

Mr Effiong gave the description while reacting to the recent assertion of the Nigerian leader blaming middlemen for the spike in prices of food items nationwide.

The blame on middlemen came days after the prices of the petrol and electricity tariff were increased.

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“A tragedy foretold. Buhari is the same yesterday, today & forever. As Buhari was in 1984, so is he in 2020; failure without end. Buhari lives by excuses & never gets anything done. Buhari is neither competent nor teachable. Check these reports: different dates, same misery,” the lawyer said on social media while attaching screenshots of his blames on middlemen in 1984 and 2020.

Mr Buhari, a retired military general and a one time head of state, was democratically elected president in 2015 after seeking the position thrice but failed.

TODAY POLITICS recalls that while seeking the top position, those opposed to his ambition have always cited the maladministration of his military regime, saying he was unfit for the office as it is impossible for one to resort to left handedness at old age.

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As military head of the state, his regime reportedly shattered the economy, threw critics into jail, disregarded the constitution, among others but was said to have fought corruption.

Mr Buhari, who became the military dictator after a democratic government was overthrown, pushed back the claim of being unfit to rule in a democracy, saying he was now a reformed democrat.

After contesting thrice but failed under the defunct Congress for Progressive Change ( CPC), he merged his party with other opposition parties, including an aggrieved faction of the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) known as new PDP and defeated incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan.

He promised to fight corruption, insecurity and boast the economy if elected but critics including the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) say he has failed woefully to fulfill his promises.

After taking oath of office, he spent six months searching for capable hands to appoint into ministries, a decision analysts say was responsible for the economic recession in 2016. The president who was re-elected last year seems to have slowed down the fight against corruption unlike what was obtained when he began his first term while insecurity continued in bedeviling the nation.

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