Anambra 2021: Lawmaker dumps APGA for PDP, gives reason

Chuka Ezenwune, the Anambra State lawmaker who dumped the ruling All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has stated the reaction for defecting.

Mr Ezenwune officially joined the opposition party on Tuesday during plenary, eleven days to the state governorship election slated for November 6.

The lawmaker who explained that he made consultations with his constituents before defecting said he defected because of marginalisation and described his former party he joined in 2012 as to have now transformed into a cult.

“They advised me in the face of the reality and marginalisation of my constituency that I should pitch my tent with the PDP,” Mr Ezenwune explained. “As a person that loves democracy, I don’t believe in such things. I believe that in a party, you have a contribution to make. But I must tell you, APGA is being run by four or five persons who take decisions for all.

“Besides, after the 2018 primary election, I made up my mind not to run for any office on the party’s platform because of the ugly experience. My constituency has been marginalised for the past seven years.

“I can’t point to any dividend of democracy except the one I did as mine.

“During the last congress, my supporters and I were excluded and I felt my future in the party is not guaranteed. I can’t continue this way. I don’t believe the wing of the cock is strong enough to fly me beyond Benue River.

“When we joined APGA in 2012, we believed it would grow beyond the borders of Anambra. What we’re experiencing so far is one step forward and 10 steps backwards.”