Why Buhari Is Part Of Nigeria’s Problem And Not Solution – Buba Galadima

Buba Galadima, former ally of President Muhammadu Buhari has said the Nigerian leader has become one of the problems the country has.

Mr Galadima, a close friend of the president during their days in the opposition parted ways with Mr Buhari after their political party was factionalised.

Buhari had sought the position he is now occupying since 2003 but failed to actualize his ambition until his then party, Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and other parties came together and birthed the now ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in 2013.

When he emerged the presidential candidate of the opposition in 2014, many saw Buhari as the solution to the problems facing the country and voted massively for him.

But while forming a faction of the party known as Reformed-APC last year, Galadima alleged that the president and the APC has deviated from core objectives of the masses. He condemned the emergence of Adams Oshiomhole as the national chairman of the party, saying the party institutionalised the same vices the previous administrations under the now opposing Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was punished for during the 2015 election.

As the 2019 election drew near, the faction of the ruling party pitched its tent with the opposition but the PDP failed to reclaim power by losing to the president who sought a second term in office.

Describing the leaders of the APC as imposters, Galadima said he will never work with the president again because the country has not made any progress under his administration.

He said Buhari is one of the problem the country has because he knows nothing about governance.

“I can never work with Buhari. I can never work with him or any of these APC people including Oshiomhole,” he said in an interview with The Sun Newspaper.

“How can I work with Buhari? Is Nigeria making progress under him? No. Nigeria is going back to the stone age under Buhari. He doesn’t know anything about governance. He has become part of Nigeria’s problem and the solution is to vote him out of power with his party. These people are impostors,” Galadima was quoted to have said.

He said the 2019 election that produced Buhari as the winner was militarised, alleging that Buhari’s war on corruption is a propaganda and has been one sided mainly targeted at opposition politicians.

“Sincerely speaking Buhari is not fighting corruption. Many Ministers in Buhari’s cabinet have mansions all over Abuja and he has been shielding them.

“Do these people think Nigerians are fools? Look at what Oshiomhole himself publicly said sometime ago that any looter or corrupt element that joins APC will be automatically protected in the party, and you are saying that these people are fighting corruption. The government’s so called anti-corruption war is a deceit. It is a propaganda to deceive Nigerians,” he added.