Shehu Sani: Why I Should Be Re-elected Kaduna Central Senator

Shehu Sani, lawmaker representing Kaduna Central at the Senate has given reasons why he should be re-elected.

Mr Sani, a fierce critic of his state governor, Nasir El-rufai, is seeking re-election on the platform of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP).

The Senator who went to the Senate on the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC) defected to the PRP when he could not clinch the ticket of the ruling party, largely because of his political battle with Mr El-rufai.

The governor had thwarted the lawmaker’s bid to secured the ticket of the APC after he was assured by the national leadership of the party that he was their flag-bearer.

Addressing members of the Igbo Youth Peace and Unity Initiative in Kaduna on Wednesday evening, the Senator said he deserved to be re-elected because he is not a stooge to anyone and has the interest of the masses at heart.

“They want the seat of Shehu Sani in order to continue to enslave you. We are moving out of Egypt. Those people in power in Kaduna state represent the wall of Jerico that has to be pulled down,” the lawmaker said.

“I am here seeking for your votes, support and prayers that we must not allow any stooge to take over the Kaduna central senatorial seat. If the governor of this state wants to compensate his boy, he should find a job for him, but not the Kaduna central senatorial seat.

“Kaduna central seat is not for sale, is not for a running dog, not for a puppy, is not for a puppet and is not for a hand bag boy. When you re-elect us into office, you are re-electing politics of principle, courage, bravery and value. You should not elect people who will go and do the bidding of their godfathers.

“Elect people who will do the bidding of the poor, the down trodden, the traders, the artisan, the mechanic, civil servants and the beggars in the street. It is unfortunate that our country, a very blessed one, but the leaders have identified with negative activities and evil actions,” Sani said.

He criticized the APC-led federal government urging the people to vote out the ruling party for failing to tackle the challenges bedeviling the nation.

“From the killings in Zamfara to Birnin Gwari, the killings in the north-east part of Nigeria and north central, of herdsmen,” the Senator said.

“We have a duty to send a clear message to the leadership of the country that we can show you the way out just as the previous government was shown the way out of power.

“We must not deceive ourselves, we must tell ourselves the truth, the nation is sick, the state is sick. Nigerians expected a better deal than what we are having today. People who begged you three and half years ago to vote them have turned themselves to demi gods.

“We have seen how poverty has ravaged the lives of Nigerians in the last three and half years, we have seen the killings, the level of bloodshed and violence, we have seen the division, the hopelessness, we have seen how a governor of a state have sacked thousands of people out of their work,” he added.