Politely Demand To Search Our Officers Before They Search You, Police Tells Nigerians

Nigerians have been advised to politely demand to search Police officers who may want to search them to prevent allegations of planting incriminating evidence on them.

This advise is coming from the Nigeria Police Force (NPF). The counsel was given on Monday in a statement titled: (Part 2) Tips For Safe And Cordial Conduct During An Arrest.

Most Nigerians who have been searched or have had their properties inspected often deny knowledge of incriminating evidence found in their possession.

Atimes, they allege that men of the force planted the evidence against them without proof to back up their claim.

Advising Nigerians on measures to curtial such occurrences, the Force Headquarters has advised Nigerians to politely demand those who are sent to inspect them to first submit themselves for inspection.

“You may politely request that the officer be searched before searching you. Often times, this helps to allay fears that someone may be trying to plant incriminating items on you or implicate you in any other way,” the statement signed by Frank Mba, the force public relations officer, said.

“Demand to see the warrant of arrest where necessary (note, however, that not all invitation/arrest requires a warrant). As a matter of fact, under our laws, the Police have wide powers to arrest without warrant in many circumstances.

“Politely request that the officers allow you inform a trusted friend or a family member or a lawyer soon after your arrest in order to avoid unnecessary apprehension as to your whereabouts or safety.

“If the arrest requires the officer to conduct a search on you, demand to see the Search Warrant and comply with all legitimate instruction during the search (note that there are a lot of instances where a policeman can search you with or without warrant),” the statement added.