IGP Egbetokun clarifies ‘I have a tiger, lion in me’ comment

The Acting Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, has revealed what he meant by the statement he made during his inauguration speech, where he said, “I feel like a Tiger, Lion inside me, to devour the internal enemies of Nigeria.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja, moments after taking over the leadership of the police, he explained that the widely reported comments was just to express how very anxious he is, to start working and to also convey the message that he is very much aware that there are enemies they need to fight together.

“I mean to explain what I said yesterday when I said the way I was feeling right now is like there was a tiger or a lion in me, ready to chase criminals away in Nigeria and devour the internal enemies of Nigeria,” the acting IGP said.

“I said that just to express how anxious I am to start work. And to also convey the message that I’m aware that there are enemies that we need to fight together, if you listen to my speech, I mentioned that we need to collaborate together to be able to surmount the courage to face our challenges today.

“It is going to a collective responsibility. All of us will be involved; everybody will be a policeman. We are going to partner with every group, every law-abiding individual.”