FAAN speaks on banning ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags at airports

Early Friday morning, a matted woven nylon zipped bag widely known as ‘Ghana Must Go’ began trending on various social media platforms, particularly on X, a micro-blogging platform formerly known as Twitter.

When TODAY POLITICS checked, social media reports said the federal government placed a ban on the usage of the bag within the vicinity of airports in the country.

The bag is used mostly by travellers in packaging their belongings.

But a tweet from the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) debunked the claim of outright ban across airports.

In series of tweets Friday afternoon, the air travel agency said the ban was placed by Ethiopian Airlines and not imposed by the federal government, an indication that the ban does not applies to other airlines in the country.

“Kindly note that @flyethiopian issued a prohibition of the use of Ghana must go on their flight and not FAAN. Thank you,” one of the tweets read.

It also attached an official statement from the airline announcing the ban.