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Sunday Igboho’s visit: Necessary lawlessness part 3 by Akinyemi Akinlabi

As long as Alhaji Isikilu Wakili remains at Kajola/ Gbagbangere area of Ibarapa, I will say Sunday Igboho has unfinished business In Ibarapa land. Apart from that, the ethnic crisis between the Bororos and the Yorubas will be a time bomb waiting for detonation.

Well confirmed reports indicated that Alhaji Wakili is an associate and “business partner:” of the exiled Seriki. His abode is reported to be the hideout of the kidnappers .Information also stated that he is currently harboring criminals who eloped from Igangan when Seriki Saliu was driven away. They now move around these villages armed with sword, AK 47, Bows and Arrows. They graze on farm lands as they want. The few farmers remaining at the villages cannot talk or complain in the face of a well armed herdsman. They often dare the farmers to call Sunday Igboho.

Shortly after the visit of Igboho, Chief Odomofin of Aiyete, the landlord of Alhaji Isikilu Wakili had sent ten of his Chiefs to Wakili to serve him a quit notice. Alhaji Wakili did not just vehemently rejected the seven days quit notice, his boys responded to the letter by firing gunshots at the chiefs. The chiefs were lucky to have escaped alive although four of them sustained injuries. Report stated that he has erected red flags around the perimeter of his place to signify “no go zone” yet, they are violating people’s farms and huts.

The recent happenings in Ibarapaland since the visit of Sunday Igboho confirm that the presence of these Bororos and their increasing criminality will continue to be a threat to our peace. Abola village is not far from Alhaji Isikilu Wakili. On or about February, 2nd, the Bororos met one Mr Seun Isaiah on his farm working. Without any dispute between them, he was severely matcheted. The victim was shown to the Honorable Speaker of Oyo State House of Assembly during his last visit to the community. Apart from Seun, Mr Adekola Adeyemo and Mr Emmanuel Aderogba also suffered various degrees of severe injuries from the Fulanis. They are all receiving treatments in Adeoyo Hospital, Ibadan at the expense of the state government.

On Saturday February 6th, 2021, there was a mid-day robbery and Kidnap attempt perpetrated by Bororos near the Eruwa Kaara market. The situation was saved and the victims rescued by the presence of military men nearby. This occurrence made youths around the area to burn down the Kaara market in protest. The lucky victims reported that the perpetrators were Fulani / Bororos.

Idiyan village, a community between Wakili’s village of residence and Seriki Saliu’s former Gaa was not that lucky just before midday on Sunday February 7th, this year. The Bororo’s carried on a violent attack on the entire village displacing over 2,000 residents. Many people were hit by objects and machetes. Yet our security agents act as if nothing happened.

Mr Ibraheem Ogunsola (AKA Iyan-Buru) and six others reported that the cocoa yam he planted in his 5 acres cocoa farm were entirely vandalized by the Fulanis. He reported that all farms around Dagbere, Baba Sango, Baba Pupa, Abule Eruwa, and environs have been vandalized. According to him, there is no single cassava farm in the entire area spanning about 50,000 acres now. It was also reported that the Fulani’s are now stealing cashew seeds from farms since the farmers have ran away and abandoned the farms.

Early morning of Monday February 8th, 2021 witnessed house to house robbery by men identified as Bororos / Fulanis by the victims. This occurred around Oloparun river area of Idofin. The victims were dispossessed of their cash, phones and other valuables.

Mr Bili Salako’s seven hectares of cashew farm was set ablaze by the rampaging Fulanis around. 3.00 am on February 3rd, 2021. Those who resided at Akeroro village near the cashew plantation confirmed to Bili that they saw the Fulanis running away from the farm after setting it ablaze.

Going by these incessant violent crimes, I think the law enforcement agents should have visited or invited Wakili for discussion or warn him to be of good conduct if he must remain at this place. Failure to do this will continue to put our lives at risk. It may also lead to another visit by Sunday Igboho. I am not sure that Chief Sunday will look the other way while his people are been exterminated on their father’s land.

Akinyemi Akinlabi
Former Chairman
Ibarapa Central Local Government

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