Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has described those supporting violent herdsmen as criminals.

Armed pastoralists who are from the Fulani tribe are projected as arrowheads of insecurity across the country. They lead their animals to invade farmlands, eat up the crops while causing other damages. Farmers who attempt to challenge the violent herdsmen are sometimes not lucky to escape with their lives.

President Muhammadu Buhari, Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State and other Northern political and religious leaders have time without number defended the atrocities of their kinsmen.

Last Thursday, the herdsmen, according to witness reports invade a community in Ondo State and opened fire on residents who all scampered for safety. Three persons reportedly died after the incident with the attackers returning minutes later to raze down some buildings.

The governor who on Sunday visited Molenge Community in Ose Local Government Area where the incident occurred said the perpetrators have fled to neighboring Edo state.

“They have run to Edo now,” the governor said in a statement issued on Sunday by his aide, Richard Olatunde.

The governor commiserated and assured residents that his administration was making relentless efforts to track the attackers and provide relief materials to those affected.

“Both the police and Amotekun have briefed me that they were being shot at,” Mr Akeredolu said. “But for their boldness and courage, the criminals would have overwhelmed them.

“You have to be prepared. These herdsmen are becoming too problematic. We are not sleeping. You can see the police and Amotekun here. With this one they have done, we will ensure that it is their last evil act here.

“Those behind this are criminals. Those supporting them are all criminals too. Anyone who commits a crime will answer for it,” the governor added.