You promised instant miracles on insecurity, do not give excuse now, Shehu Sani tells Buhari

Shehu Sani, a former lawmaker during the 8th Senate has advised President Muhammadu Buhari not to give excuse on the rising state of insecurity across the nation.

Mr Sani said this is because the president while in the opposition promised to perform instant miracles on insecurity.

Mr Buhari leveraging on the insecurity during the past administration was elected to the tackle the security situation. It was one of his major promises to Nigerians when he sought to be president.

He had promised in no distant time to exterminate Boko Haram terrorists who where at the time the major threat to the security of the country. Although his administration claims to have decimated the terror group, attacks from them is still being felt majorly in the Northeast region. Five years after, the president expressed surprise at the continued existence of the terrorists.

Aside Boko Haram attacks, there has been a rise in criminal activities including kidnappings and killings across the nation.

Advising the president not to give excuses for his inability to secure the country, the former representative of Kaduna Central said it was for this reason that the past administration was booted out.

Insecurity was the major factor used for the ejection of the past administration and the most attractive reasons for the installation of the present one,” Mr Sani in a tweet on Friday.

“Those who promised to perform instant miracles should not deny or give excuses of not having the magic wand,” he added.