Senator Mohammed Sani Musa

Mohammed Musa, lawmaker representing Niger East at the Senate has called on the federal government to be very ruthless while dealing with bandits who have been terrorising citizens in the Northern part of the country.

Mr Musa made the call on Wednesday while featuring on Channels Television where he explained how the security situation in his constituency have fared so far.

The Senator explaining his reason for the demand said this was because bandits who have resorted to abducting school children have now become very ruthless while terrorising residents of his constituency.

“In the last six months, it was very bad. Not until when the new service chiefs came and there was some kind of action, different from what they were doing before,” Mr Musa said. “And we had some kind of peace for some time, until now, when the terrorists all went back.

“It seems they all went back to Zamfara, which seems to be the epicentre of it. So, when they all went back to Zamfara, and the government decided to hit them in Zamfara, they’re now spreading. We had some peace in the last two months, but now, they’re back and they’re very ruthless. So, we also want the government to be very ruthless with them,” he demanded.

The Senator also said popular Islamic cleric Sheik Ahmad Gumi who has been meeting with the criminals and demanding amnesty for them should be interrogated.

“I recall that one of the renowned Islamic scholars, sheikh Gumi, was at a time going into the forests to be with these people,” he recollected. “I think somebody like Gumi should be asked how he has contacts to reach these people.

“And if he can reach these people, why is it that he has not been able to help the government in order to get these people neutralised?” the lawmaker queried.