Why APC, PDP can’t win us in Anambra: APGA

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The All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) says no political party in the country can snatch Anambra from it in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the State.

The national chairman of the party, Victor Oye made the boast while featuring on Channels Television’s Politics Today Thursday evening shortly after the Supreme Court affirmed him the valid leader of the party.

In recent weeks, its members, including the deputy governor of the state, Nkem Okeke and those of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) defected to the All Progressive Congress (APC).

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Mr Oye while speaking on what should be expected during the November 6 exercise said his party has delivered the dividends of democracy to the people of the state hence cannot be defeated by opposition parties.

He hinged his confidence on the economic and infrastructural achievements of the outgoing Willie Obiano administration in the last seven years.

This party is built on God. No force on earth will destroy it. November 6 election, go and mark my word, The November 6 election will be won by APGA, and it’s going to be a landslide victory,” Mr Oye boasted. “Forget all the distractions we are witnessing today. Those people, you thought, have left the party, they love the party, they will still work for the party.

“There is no party that can confront APGA in Anambra State, no single party. Name them. No party at all, because APGA has delivered the dividends of democracy,” he added while downplaying the recent defections that have rocked his party.

He also accused the media of blowing the defections out of proportion.

“When you talk about defections, how many people have defected? These things are taken out of context by the media.

“Out of 24 members of APGA in the State House of Assembly, it was rumoured that there were six defections, but in the end, it was only four that cross carpeted.

“And even those four, two of them are trying to come back because they have missed the road and they couldn’t have it better in (the) APC they are today, where they know they are back seaters, nobody will recognise them,” he added.

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