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Using security agencies against Shiites, IPOB not right – Shehu Sani


Shehu Sani, former Kaduna federal lawmaker, has condemned the use of security agencies to suppress dissenting views across the country.

This comes as security agencies at the weekend moved against members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB and those of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), popularly known as Shiites.

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The two groups which were proscribed by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, clashed with security agencies yesterday.

While operatives of the Department of State Services DSS where battling with members of the seccessionist group in Enugu, personnel of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) went after members of the the Islamic movement in Kaduna State.

Although 21 of its members went sent to their early grave when they gathered for a meeting in Emene area of Enugu State, IPOB reportedly reinforced and lynched two officers of the DSS.

In Kaduna, three members of the IMN were killed by the police during their procession but their van which conveyed them down to the scene caught fire after falling into a nearby gutter as the personnel tried escaping after the shooting spree.

Condemning the clampdown on the unarmed members of the groups, the former lawmaker said there are terrorists who needs the force being used on the dissenting groups.

“No matter how much the ideas & beliefs of the members of the IMN and IPOB differ with ours, the use of state violence or support for the use of state violence to suppress their rallies or procession is unconscionable.We have terrorists that deserves the force of our arms & anger,” Mr Sani said in a Monday morning tweet.

When told by one of his followers that the group retaliated, he faulted them for doing so while sending his condolences.

“I have no idea or knowledge of that but if it’s true,the killing of the DSS officials stands unreservedly condemned by whoever is responsible or involved.My condolences,” the former lawmaker added.

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