Frontline presidential aspirant Bola Tinubu travelled to the United Kingdom to attend meetings and consultations and not to rest, his aide, Tunde Rahman, explained.

Mr Tinubu was reported to have left the country after weeks of engagement regarding his life-long ambition of becoming Nigeria’s president.

He was said to have gone to attend to his health, a controversial topic which critics cite to back up their claims of him being unfit for the top position he is seeking.

Confirming that the former Lagos governor and national leader of the ruling party left the country, Mr Rahman explained that he went abroad for series of meeting and consultations and will return to the country next week.

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“Asiwaju’s trip to the UK (United Kingdom) is not to rest or because of any illness,” he clarified. “While abroad, Asiwaju is maintaining a vigorous schedule of meetings and consultations on a range of important matters.

“Whether at home or abroad, the daily schedule of Asiwaju is vibrant and full. Most people couldn’t sustain his high level of activity. This speaks to his exceptional intellectual energy and his commitment to achievement.

“Asiwaju will return to Nigeria next week once this set of meetings and talks abroad is completed,” he added.

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