Tinubu should be president because he loves women: Group

For prioritising women’s needs, an advocacy group, Tinubu Support Organisation (Central Women Wing) says former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu, deserves to be president of Nigeria.

Fatima Bello, president of the group stated this while speaking at a news conference in Lagos, yesterday.

Although Tinubu is yet to officially declare his intention to run for the office, various groups have been prevailing on him to warm up for the top job.

“While most people are aware of Tinubu’s qualities, few are aware of his love for gender equality and equity,” Mr Bello said.


“This is one of the values that has endeared him to us in women circles. A lot of women are suffering out there. We are pushing for Tinubu because we believe he has so much passion for women. Tinubu answers women first. He cannot even stand to see a woman cry,” she added.

Raliat Abdulsalam, Vice President of the Central Women Wing of the group who made similar remarks described Tinubu as a detrabalised leader.

“He has supported people from the North. He has supported people from the south, and he is not greedy for power. He built people that are still in power today. Most important, Tinubu is sympathetic toward the women cause. He supports women every time,” Mrs Abdulsalam said.

“This dream will come to pass because we have seen a man with a vision; someone that can lead us and help us to survive. We will back him up whenever he decides to run for the president because we have seen the sign of a true leader in him,” the VP of CWW added.


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