‘Stop begging for war’ – Ex-minister cautions Muslim cleric threatening to crucify Bishop Kukah

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Former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode has cautioned Abubakar Malami, an Islamic cleric who threatened to crucify Matthew Kukah, Bishop of Sokoto Diocese.

Mr Malami while issuing the threat during a sermon in Sokoto dared the catholic cleric to criticise President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration again and see if he won’t be put to death.

He was reacting to the criticism of Mr Kukah who accused the president of institutionalizing nepotism in the country over competence.

Several Muslim groups lambasted the Sokoto Bishop for criticising the Nigerian leader saying by do so he is speaking ill of all Muslim faithfuls.

The Muslim Solidarity Forum (MSF) had issued an ultimatum, urging Kukah to apologise or leave his primary place of assignment. Although the demand has been condemned by Nigerians including the presidency, they are yet to withdraw it as at press time.

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While threatening to crucify the Bishop if he dares criticise the president again, Mr Malami said even the federal government won’t be able to prevent them [Muslims faithfuls] from carrying out the threat.

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Cautioning the Muslim cleric over his threat, the Ex-minister on Sunday advised him to stop playing with fire.

“You are totally & completely unhinged. Stop begging for war! Stop playing with fire!” Fani-Kayode said in a tweet, crediting part of the cleric’s assertion which reads: “Kukah is cursed by Allah. If he continues to challenge the FG he will be crucified. We will not listen to anybody when we are crucifying him, not the FG, not the Sultan of Sokoto.”

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