Kano Sharia Police, Hisbah

The Kano State Hisbah Board, an agency established to enforce Sharia law in the state, has warned the public, particularly Muslims, against refusal to observe fasting in the month of Ramadan deliberately.

In a WhatsApp audio message sent to media organizations in Kano, the commander general of Hisbah, Haroun Ibn-Sina, said the board would not spare anybody found eating in the daytime without cogent reason.

According to him, the Islamic police would not fold its arms and watch the violating Islamic injunctions in the state, especially in the holy month, during which the Muslims are required to give full of devotion to Allah.

“We are reminding the people of Kano that Hisbah is ever ready to thwart any act of immorality, especially those who flout Islamic Sharia by coming out openly during daytime to eat food, without any reason accepted by Shariah,” he said.

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Mr Ibn-Sina added that Hisbah would not rest on its ores in ensuring full Islamic Shari’a compliance in the month of Ramadan and even beyond, adding that whoever is found flouting the Shari’a would be dealt with accordingly.

The CG emphasised that Hisbah would not relent in discharging its responsibilities of fighting immorality in Kano.

While congratulating Muslims around the world of the coming of yet another Ramadan season, Mr Ibn-Sina called for intense prayers for Nigeria.

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