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Presidency exempts Buhari, blames Nigerians for poor corruption ranking

The presidency has blamed Nigerians for the continued worsening of corruption in the country.

The annual corruption ranking report released by Transparency International indicated that the nation moved downward in its latest statistics and has now become the thirteenth and second most corrupt country in Africa and West Africa respectively.

Appearing on Channels Television this morning, presidential spokesman Garba Shehu exempted his principal from being blamed. He said the new statistics indicted Nigerians and not the president who had promised to fight the malfeasance when he sought the office in 2015.

“The two that they dwelled on, that caused this backslide, are essentially Nigerian problems. They’re talking about the political culture of this country, vote-buying, thuggery. Is it Buhari that is a thug? We’re not doing thuggery,” Mr Shehu stated.

“And when they talk about the justice sector, they are talking about perceived corruption in the judiciary. These perceptions are essentially not correct. Yes, there are issues in that sector but so many changes are going on in that sector wouldn’t it have been nice if they acknowledged it so that you encourage those judicial officers that are upright and then the system gets better,” he added.

The presidency and its principal since assumption of office have never accepted being responsible for any of the country’s woes rather they are quick to point accusing fingers at others but hurries to take credit where it deems necessary.

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