Presidential aspirant, Peter Obi, has vowed to transform Nigeria which he described as a consuming nation into a wealth creator.

Mr Obi made the vow on Monday while consulting with delegates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom State on the forth coming primaries of the party, saying his mission was to change the country.

The 2019 vice president candidate of the opposition party bemoaned the incessant borrowing without repayment while the country spends over 90 per cent of its earnings on debt servicing.

“Nigeria is in a debt crisis, when you use over 90 per cent of your revenue to service debt, you are in a major crisis,” he explained. “We are in a monumental crisis and that situation has continued, and we are borrowing more money, they will tell you that they borrow for capital projects.

“I have been going around asking people to show me the capital projects. When Obasanjo came into power, our debt was N3.5tn and about $28bn and when he left govt in 2007, he brought it down after the debt cancellation but today our debt is N58tn and nobody can tell you this is what it is.

“When you ask, they will say it’s used for capital vote. No capital vote is more important than power. We have borrowed over $100bn within this period and we are still at 4,000MW.

“We are not taking action that will take people out of poverty but we are throwing them more into it.

“Nigeria needs wealth creators; all we do in Nigeria is sharing. We have a single mission to change Nigeria from consumption to creation. Other countries of the world have done it and it’s not rocket science,” the former Anambra governor added.

In his response, the chairman of PDP in the state, Mr Aniekan Akpan, lauded the contributions of Obi to the development of the country and his state, adding that delegates from the oil rich state would vote on the basis of who would redeem the country.