#PantamiResign: Nigerians demand removal of Buhari’s minister over past deeds


The past deeds of Isa Pantami, Digital Economy and Communications Minister, has come to hunt him as Nigerians are demanding his removal from office.

Before his current position as minister, Mr Pantami, an Islamic cleric, had berated his colleagues who went into politics and took political appointments.

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In a video clip shot in the 2000s but began trending on social media yesterday, the minister was seen criticising his fellow cleric for going into but did not reject the offer when President Muhammadu Buhari appointed him into his current position, an act that forced many to describe him as a hypocrite.

In veil reference, the minister was also reported to have expressed satisfaction at the killing of Christians which is still ongoing, particularly in Northern Nigeria.

He had also declared support for terrorist groups like Al-Queda and the Taliban though he has kicked against Boko Haram which is similar to the two foreign terror groups.

Early Friday morning, the hashtag #PantamiResign began trending particularly on Twitter. He is not the first minister of the president whose past deeds hunted down. Kemi Adeosun, former finance minister suffered similar fate.

Mrs Adeosun, exposed for forging her academic credentials in 2018, was forced to resign her position months after the scandal.

Below are some of the reactions picked by this reporter.


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