John Oyegun, former national chairman of the APC.

John Oyegun, former national chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) says Adams Oshiomhole, the incumbent chairman of the ruling party talks before thinking.

Mr Oyegun also threw his political weight behind the recent call for the resignation of the former Edo state governor.

The travails of Mr Oshiomhole began last year during the party’s primaries to pick its candidates for this year’s general election.

Some of the aggrieved aspirants who lost the tickets of the party accused the former governor of receiving kickbacks from the highest bidder for the tickets of the party. They also urged the top official to step aside.

Recently, the deputy national chairman of the APC, Lawan Shuaibu, called on Oshiomhole to resign, accusing him of incompetence.

Stakeholders of the ruling party in the South South region recently attributed the travails of the APC chairman to the legacy of his predecessor, Mr Oyegun.

But denying the allegation, the former party chairman backed the call for the resignation of the former governor saying the latter talks before thinking.

Oyegun said the continued stay in office of the embattled chairman is degrading and demarketing the party, rather than seek to bring more people on board.

“Oshiomhole fails because he lacks the temperament that is required to run a political party. He lacks the capacity to manage the different interests and tendencies that constitute a political party,” the special adviser on public affairs to the former chairman, Ray Morphy, said in a statement on Sunday.

“He engages his mouth before engaging his mind, so he offends party members, so how does that constitute booby traps by Oyegun, the erstwhile chairman.

“Already, the Deputy National Chairman has confirmed that Oshiomhole runs the party with recourse to the NWC.

“He acts in direct opposite of decisions taken by NWC. No minutes of NWC meetings which in any event take place outside the party secretariat.

“How would you not have crisis in states with the confusion that Oshiomhole created when he gave the states freedom to choose their methods of choosing candidates for elections.

“Much of the crisis in states arose out of sheer incapacity on the part of the current chairman, how his this Oshiomhole incapacity become booby traps by Oyegun,” he added.