Saturday, January 29, 2022


Towards consolidating the Nigerian health policies on climate change

Carbon forms an important component of the gasses called greenhouse gasses (such as carbon dioxide and methane) that trap heat and cause climate change through global warming.

My boarding school experience

The school had earlier said that Sylvester injured himself while playing football.

Did Tinubu call Buhari ‘Agent of Destabilization’? Yes!

He also challenged people to provide evidence for where Tinubu ever said those words.

Unquestionable powers of state judicial panels to indict military and police officers

But contrary to such misleading claim, the legality of the panel instituted by the governor in accordance with the provisions of the Tribunal of Enquiry Law cannot be challenged on solid legal grounds.

Almajiri system and the primordial way out

They swarm the streets of Northern Nigeria like bees on their nuptial flight. Lurking around every nook and cranny you can access, with a bowl in hand and a dejected face waiting for their next gift from above.

Same old cruel lies to justify fuel price hike

As compensation for removing a non-existent subsidy on petroleum, Finance Minister Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed said the government will pay a monthly transport bonus of 5,000 naira to 40 million Nigerians.

Buhari’s ‘deel’ with Nigerian youths

About 5,258 youths have already benefited from the MSME loan.

The massacre at Lekki toll gate

The armed thugs engaged in the killing of policemen, set private and public buildings on fire, attacked police stations and correctional centres where they freed a number of convicts and awaiting trial inmates.

Taliban’s success carries lessons for Nigeria

The effects can be in southern states like Lagos, Kwara, Kogi and Oyo, where children from the Northeast run after cars for alms and families sleep on the streets.
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