Scene of herdsmen settlement set ablaze by Eastern Security Network (ESN) in Ebonyi State.

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has shared a video clip purportedly showing the destruction of herdsmen settlement in a forest.

Mr Kanu, a fugitive being tried on treasonable felony, had two weeks ago announced the formation of a security outfit codenamed Eastern Security Network (ESN).

A statement from the proscribed group’s spokesman, Emma Powerful, said the ESN will operate in the South-East and South-South geo-political zones to flush out criminal elements including violent herdsmen allegedly from the Fulani extraction.

Days after the announcement, social media video clips showed fully armed men of the outfit roaming around Anambra bushes in search of violent herdsmen.

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Herdsmen are accused of being behind rising insecurity bedeviling the nation. Most of them reside in the bushes from where they allegedly attack and kill farmers not excluding women who are largely victims of rape.

This morning, Kanu shared a twenty seconds video clip showing a settlement sited in a forest said to be in Ebonyi State being set ablaze.

Gunshots and a voice of a man who apparently recorded the video is heard during the attack. The man said they were resisted by the residents who opened live rounds on them and they had no option than to retaliate.

The IPOB leader while sharing the video clip on Facebook urged herdsmen to leave bushes in the two geo-political zones and move into residential areas and rent houses like other Nigerians does when they leave their ancestral homes.

“Another terrorist camp destroyed in our beloved land of Ebonyi yesterday. The warning to terrorists is a very simple one, do NOT dwell in our farmlands and forests, go to towns and cities and rent a dwelling like all law abiding citizens,” Kanu wrote on the social network.

“The forests of our ancestors will not be surrendered to foreign terrorists from Sene-Gambia despite the best efforts of caliphate slaves like Dave Umahi.

“Only a complete fool will doubt our resolve. Any day any of our mothers or daughters are attacked, abducted or raped again in Ebonyi State, Dave Umahi will be chased out of Abakaliki.

“Mad Zoo!,” the seccessionist leader said.

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