The Twitter page of President Muhammadu Buhari has been turned to a channel for follow backs on the micro-blogging site.

Created late 2014, the president’s account @MBuhari, is used for propagating the policies, initiatives and activities of the present administration. The president, after seeking the top office thrice but failed, defeated then incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan, who sought re-election in 2015.

His victory at the polls became possible after opposition parties merged their political strength to birth the now ruling All Progressive Congress (APC). He was reelected last year for a second term which will wind down in 2023.

Lately, TODAY POLITICS has observed the increasing attitude of Nigerians, on Twitter, using the president’s page for canvassing and gaining followers.

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Although, the trend has been on for sometime now, it is on the rise each time the Nigerian leader sends out tweets about the activities of his administration.

Today, the most followed African leader on the micro-blogging site tweeted about the re-election of Akinwumi Adesina, president of the African Development Bank (AFDB). Buhari congratulated him for his victory which he said was well deserved.

Before he could end his congratulatory message, in series of tweets, Thursday afternoon, Nigerians online at the time have already flooded the page with the comment, ‘IFB’, indicating their willingness to follow back anyone who follows their own twitter page.

At the last review by this reporter, 90 percent of the over 400 comments on page were campaigning for followers and one wonders what might occur in his next tweet.

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