Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has demanded that the federal government gives empowerment and scholarships to Fulani youths.

The cattle breeding body, mostly made up of Fulanis, presented their request during the North Central zonal public hearing for constitution review in Lokoja, the Kogi State capital, on Wednesday.

The Fulanis who are traditionally nomads and pastoralists from Northern Nigeria are believed to be marginalized educationally.

At the public hearing, the Kogi chapter of MACBAN was represented by Wakili Damina and Hamza Bello, chairman and secretary respectively.

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“We need primary institutions in Fulani settlements everywhere. We need government to bring Fulani closer,” Mr Bello said.

“We want youth empowerment and government should give them scholarships to attend primary, secondary school and tertiary institutions,” he added.

The group also demanded the return of grazing reserves which many, including Southern State Governors, have rejected, advising that ranches be adopted as an alternative to open grazing.

“Pertaining to grazing reserves, Fulanis are very large in population. We want the government to help Fulanis have grazing reserves. We need grazing routes. Most of the farmers block grazing routes. Before, they were plenty but now, they have blocked all of them,” Mr Bello said.

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  1. If such can be accorded to settlers/immigrant in Nigeria, what should be accorded to it’s indigenous people?.

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