Lucky E.O.Irabor, Chief of Defense Staff (CDS).

The Nigerian Military becomes clueless whenever the media reports rising insecurity bedeviling the nation, the Chief of Defence Staff, Lucky Irabor, has said.

Mr Irabor, appointed into the position in January, stated this on Tuesday at a gathering of security agencies and media professionals in Abuja.

He pleaded with the media to wind down its reportage on insecurity because it chases away foreign investors and nobody wants to coexist in a turbulent environment.

“The narratives that you find within the media space are misleading,” Mr Irabor said. “I will rather that the media begin to tone down the hype that they give to issues that have to do with insecurity.

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“The reason is this: it starts stoking fear amongst the people. There’s some sense of confusion that is also introduced such that it would appear that everyone is no longer focused and thinking right to be able to understand what needs to be done at a particular point in time.

“I would rather urge the media to understand that a failed nation is not also good for the business of the media. And it’s only when you have a better understanding of the impacts that one can make progress. We desire to live in an environment where peace and security prevails,” he added.

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