Lamido Sanusi, former Central Bank Governor.

The Kano State Government has reportedly began moves to banish Lamido Sanusi, the immediate past Emir of the state.

Mr Sanusi was removed from office today over allegation of insubordination leveled against him by the Kano State Executive Council.

The council is headed by the state governor, Umar Ganduje, who has been having a running battle with the traditional ruler.

According to Sun Newspapers, the government has began moves to banish the former Central Bank Governor in line with the tradition of the Kano Emirate Council.

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“A security source told our reporter that the Emir would be escorted to the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport from where he would commence his journey to his new place of abode,” the newspaper reported.

The paper said security personnel to enforce the order has left the government house heading to the palace of the ousted traditional ruler.

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2 Remarks

  1. Sanusi got what he deserved. Sanusi is NO hero of anyone.Yes I will admit he has been speaking to the issues facing their region (the north), in particular in the area of education. I will hate to bring it to you that Sanusi’s conduct as the CBN governor which in fact was orchestrated by the Saraki’s group was at best deplorable and worst replete with unauthorized distribution of money from Nigeria apex Bank to non-secular Universities, Islamic focused Universities.

    He used his position then, as a CBN governor to steal the Liquid assets of the then Intercontinental Bank, with Bukola Saraki stealing the lion share. Yes, I can tell you that I know Sanusi, a lot more than even I would have wanted. He is a tribalist and a Jihadist in the mold of Buhari. Yes, those were exactly the type of sentiments he expressed to me in no less than 10 private emails he exchanged with me. This was when he he was at UBA, before, First Bank, and before CBN.

    Sanusi is an ethnic irredentist in the mold of the dead Sadauna, the only difference, Sanusi at has some education … one might even argue, that his education is limited in its scope, as it is in Islamic Studies. His education is not the focus of my comments, his mindset and a well concealed politics is.

  2. Emir Sanusi should remain strong as he has ever been. Whoever says the truth lives to face such challenges; it’s only a price you pay for being truthful and compromised by your stand. This so-called dethronement is making him more popular. Kudos to the Emir (Sanusi).

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