Femi Falana, Human rights activist and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) [Photo: Channels TV].

Human Rights lawyer, Femi Falana, has called on the National Assembly to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr Falana who spoke on the sidelines of an event to mark world Press Freedom Day said the present regime has outlived its usefulness, Plus TV reported.

His call comes amidst similar demand from Ejike Mbaka, a controversial cleric who supported Mr Buhari to win the top office in 2015 and 2019.

“Our country is going through war. In the North-East the Boko Haram sect is having an upper hand, don’t be deceived,” Mr Falana said, acknowledging reports of insurgents in Niger and Kebbi states.

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I’m sure you know what is going on in the South-East, no policeman or soldier can wear his uniform- it’s as bad. I’m sure you know what is going on in the South-West, kidnapping, ritual murders all over the place. So, nowhere is safe in our country,” he added.

Backing his call with section 143 of the Nigerian Constitution, the activist said the Buhari regime, which according to him, has outlived its usefulness boasts that no one can suggest that the president should resign.

“For them (presidency), it’s a reasonable statement to ask the president to resign. But for me I submit by virtue of section 143 and we didn’t put it. If the president is unable to perform the primary functions of his office, the National Assembly shall move for him and ensure that he is neatly taken away out of power through the process of impeachment.

“I think Nigeria has gotten to that stage because section 14 (2) (3) provides that the primary purpose of the government in Nigeria shall be the security and welfare of the people, so if the government can neither guarantee your security nor your welfare, what is left for that government to be sacked,” he said.

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Insecurity, though predates the present government, has worsened under the former military general, living many Nigerians, including the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with the opinion that he has failed.

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