Igboho urges followers to prepare for secession, vows to kill Yoruba politicians eyeing 2023 presidency

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Sunday Adeyemo, popular Yoruba activist, has urged his followers to get ready for secession.

Mr Adeyemo, widely known as Sunday Igboho, also vowed to kill politicians of Yoruba extraction warming up to succeed outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

The self-acclaimed warlord, who made headlines for evicting some criminal herdsmen in the South-West geo-political zone, gave the directive in an undated video clip transcripted and translated by PR Nigeria

“If not that you (Yoruba political officer holders) are all unfortunate representatives, you should be leading us in the secessionist struggle. But you are busy campaigning for the next Presidential election. You must be mad,” Igboho who recently resisted arrest said.

“You should know that you are not supposed to seek election to the office of the President, you are supposed to identify with our (Yoruba) agitation and lead us in the secession activities.

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“I will not allow you to campaign because I will kill you all (Yoruba politicians) before campaigns start (in 2023), I swear by God.

“I will not allow you to campaign because we will kill you all (Yoruba politicians) before their campaigns for elections. I swear by God. It is either they go elsewhere or we will shoot them with guns from the back.

“I urge you the Yoruba elders, traditional rulers to lead us to secession war for the independent Oduduwa Republic. We should not be afraid… We will have more money because we have crude oil and sea (to sustain the economy of Oduduwa Republic). We will enjoy our new country most.

“If you support our secession plans, we will suffer for less than two weeks only and later enjoy the Eldorado. Why are you (politicians) selfish, asking us to campaign for you to become Nigerian President in 2023? Are you mad? Let your campaign be limited to your family members. If you campaign in the public, I will fight you.

“Last October I gave an early warning to some of our elders and leaders before they were embarrassed and humiliated by protesters… That was just the beginning more will soon come.

“I am calling on my followers to go and prepare charms for a decisive struggle/battle for the Oduduwa Republic. We must divide this country… We don’t want to stay (in Nigeria) again.

“Out traditional rulers are cowards and obeying orders from local councillors. Recently I learned that a Yoruba monarch threatened a female secessionist living in Germany not to come back to the country. I am now appealing to the lady to come and I will be glad to receive and defend her at the airport.

“Probably on that day, we may change the name of Murtala International Airport (Lagos) to Awolowo Airport. Some of our useless elders were behind the renaming of our Airport to Murtala Airport instead of naming it after themselves rather than Fulani name. The Yoruba elders behind the naming of the airport are insane and crazy mad people.

“The real war that will end everything will happen on the day I will receive the female secessionist at the airport. Let’s them dare me,” he added.

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