Igboho plans reopening of land borders closed by Buhari


Sunday Adeyemo, a Yoruba activist in the South-West, has vowed to reopen land borders closed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, stated this during a meeting in Ibadan on Wednesday. The video clip where he made the vow is also circulating on social media.

Nigeria share lengthy borders with Benin Republic across its southwestern parts. High volume of transborder trading occur through the Seme Border lying west of Lagos. Traders in the region often bring their goods through the border as it apparently offers cheaper costs compared to the nation’s ports.

Economic activities around the border have however been crippled since the closure of all land borders by the Buhari administration.

The activist in his recent reaction also appealed to his kinsmen residing in the Northern part of the country to return home, adding that the time for secession is now.

Igboho who resisted arrest last month also claimed traditional rulers in the geo-political zone were backing his resolve to actualize Oduduwa Republic.

“After this discussion, we will hold a meeting and open our borders so that rice, food and other things can enter easily. Enough is enough,” Igboho barked.

“All our borders that the Nigerian government closed, we are telling them we are no longer under them, we will go and open the borders. We are ready for everything they want to do to us. I am speaking on behalf of Yoruba people,” he maintained.

Igboho had previously ordered politicians from the South-West to shelve their 2023 political ambitions and join hands with him to actualize his dreams.

He threatened to deal with anyone who will campaign in the Yoruba predominantly area.