Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has denied claims of supporting agitation for Yoruba nation.

A self-styled Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho, had claimed at the weekend that he has the blessing of Mr Akeredolu to continue agitating for the breakaway of the Yoruba tribe from Nigeria.

But denying he ever declared support for the dissolution of the country, Mr Akeredolu said he does not believe in the struggle and could not have supported what he does not believe in.

Reacting through his Chief Press Secretary, Richard Olabode, the governor said allowing the agitators to peacefully assembly themselves in a rally as he did at the weekend should not be interpreted as supporting the cessation of the nation.

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“The Governor neither believes, nor supports the quest for the Yoruba Nation outside of Nigeria in the manner canvassed,” Mr Olabode said of his principal in a statement on Sunday. “Governor Akeredolu stands by a virile, united and indivisible Nigeria as demanded by the Southern Governors’ Forum.

“Therefore, the vigour, zeal, leadership and candour displayed by Governor Akeredolu for a just and fair Nigeria is altruistic, and borne out of patriotism for the Nation as well as love for his people, the Yoruba ethnic nationality.

“It is important, therefore, to state without any equivocation that the Yoruba Nation secessionist promoters do not enjoy any lending hand in Governor Akeredolu,” he added.

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  1. I have said it often enough that we havecreak prodigal sons and daughters among our Yoruba people. The Yorubakand Governors are such men. These are cowards, men with mo grits or guts. Basrards that take instructions from brutish, uncultured, srark Fulani illiterates from Abuja.
    What else do you expect from mindless men with mo self respect, dignity for themselves or their names. These are Fulani noot- lockers. Gutless Yoruba men with no true conviction of their true identity and heritage.
    Let Fulani headset, kidnappers and rapists kill a member of their family after a ransom payment of 50 million naira or more, you will see how quickly their psyche will rake a turn for the best support.
    If we are serious about Yoruba sekf- independence, you should not and must not depend on these yellow-livered cowards. They want to continue to loot the treasury, hold on unashamedly to an undeserved position. But the God that unseated king Saul is still on the throne. He will catapult them to nothingness.
    Where is Abacha today, where his their Attahiru today?, the hands that removed Hamab from his exalted position to become the hanged man with his children and family us still alive today.
    These coward badters have limited time to enjoy their loot and fame. The cruel East wind that blew the wicked Egyptians is still underage control of our Gid. The Governirs are the Egyptiabs that we see today, pretty soon, we shall see them no more.
    They made up their soulless and clueless minds to subject their heritage to wanton and senseless killings by the bombastic, barbaric, and brutal violent Fulani egregious activities These senseless Governors have sown wild corn, sooner than later, they will reap whirlwind. The hands if God is not too short to pummel them to the dust, and so shall it be.
    These ones have no live for their own people. They are protecting their pockets and their bellies, but a FOOL and his money will soon part ways. Our Yoruba Governors are scarecrows, gutless, godless , sub–human, compound fools. They will certainly get what is coming to them.

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