Umar Ganduje, Kano State governor.

The real reason why Lamido Sanusi, the immediate past Emir of Kano, was dethroned has been revealed.

Salihu Yakasai, the Special Adviser to the governor, made the revelation while featuring on Channels Television’s Sunrise programme on Tuesday.

He said the former Central Bank Governor was booted out for publicly criticising the administration of his principal, Umar Ganduje, despite having access to the governor.

“The emir (Sanusi) had access to the governor and could have advised him if he wanted to but unfortunately, he only finds podiums and stages as the only means to advise the government which is not right,” Mr Yakasai said.

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“So, you can portray it has political or whatever but the fact remains that no one would allow such disrespect and open criticism when you have access to him.”

He also justified insubordination which the government gave as reason for deposing the monarch.

“For the past 10 months, since the creation of the new emirates by Governor Ganduje, you can count the number of important events organised by the state government including international events which the emir was invited and he never attended.

“I can tell you that the emir did not even attend the free and compulsory basic education programme in the state launched by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo. People are free to say whatever they want to say but this is the reason for the dethronement,” he added.

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30 Remarks

  1. Why wont we learn how to forgive ourselves? He dethroned the emir just because he disrespect him? If our creator should be dethroning us for our disrespect to him, do you think this world would be in existance up till date? God promise to forgives us if we forgives ourselves.

  2. If you do it good I believe the emir will not criticising u Mr Governor mind ur time and days in office is number compare with a monarch hmmmmm you use enemity and political power OMG the Nigeria system of Traditional rulers are totally collapse..imagine what is coming out Gaduje

  3. What a sermon!Should our political leaders read this piece it would be better for our country.

  4. As you said it was a matter of time and this is not the real reason now you destroyed Kano state Emirates council from now every governor will come with his new emir

  5. This is nonsense,how can a state Gov.dethroned a monarch because of criticizing ur govt openly?Are we not in a democratic era that allowed freedom of speech?chei! If major precautions are not taking it will mark the total collapse of our democratic setting, because some other governors will soonest join the queue of dethronement on monarchs criticizing their governments.So,major steps are to be taking by federal government for deterrance of other who may want to go into it unlawfully.

  6. Sho because of public speech, make you take your judgement on your hand, oga ooooooo,
    But we should take it easy ooooooo

  7. Ganduje is a fucking criminal that’s why sanusi doesn’t want to mingle with him in public

  8. Look what comes out from him it sound guilty ur wrong doing should not be said publicly. U don’t deserved to be a leader.

  9. He deserved the purnishement because he was also crown unlawfully and every leader deserved a respect by his followers, he who fails to obey most be punished

  10. The money he is meant to use to build schools, provide good water and health for children and his citizens he keeps in his pocket and then cries about being criticised. Sanusi was tired of his false public events which is just a facade. F**king moron, dead man walking, leader my a*s. Someone who openly took bribe and was still allowed to be governor- dead man with rotten teeth filled with blood. You will not have the health to enjoy the money you’ve stolen and the lives you’ve killed. When you die you will die a horrible death, you will not enter heaven but rot in the put of hell. Bastard.

  11. Very unfortunate that our erudite CBN ex milad is the sacred cave here.But dialogue caption should have saved this palpable situation.
    I don’t think dethronement and banishment is the best solution to this quagmire.

  12. Dethronement is not the issue but banishment is not the best because his experience is needed by Nigeria and not only the Kaduna government. Hope the court will give speedy hearing to the old and primitive idea in this 20th century where our best will be wasted because of old custom.

  13. I believe there is purpose for everything in life. Ex Emir Sanusi still have a lot to offer a whole Nigeria rather than to be on emirate sit. “Watch out for the future President”

  14. Traditional rulership was devoid of politics and there was law and order…. Now, the political class is the one ruling instead of leading…. So, we keep seen these errant nonsense….. After all, the traditional rulers and professors(elites) are the ones who persuade the masses and rig elections for them.

  15. No man on this earth can play games with nature,what must be must be weda the present A P C government like it or not. U said u are fighting corruption, but u are the people busy fruding,killing, and going against government threaties…remember dat what goes around comes around, don’t geo-perdise nigeria today and forget the repercourtion tomorrow….i rest my pen.

  16. I think the best thing for Dr. Ganduje Umar is to resign his position as the governor of Kano State or ready to be impeached. The reason is that you are a public officer and refused to be criticized publicly just because of that you dethrone an Emir of Kano Emirate without consultation with the Nigerian constitution which is the supreme law of the land. Definitely, you have broken the law and need to vacate that position where you are right now. Sooner or later you will be booted out of that seat, believe me honestly.

  17. The likeness of mankind to another can not bring everlasting moment, destiny,& honor. If God bless u with a brighter destiny, a higher digniting, favour, human being can only try to bring u down but with the love of God they will do nothing to u. If they do it will turn to favour to u. Sanusï lamido ll this ias ur favour from Allah. Does that plan to dethron u including Gandoje, mohammadu buhar, & others they will pay for it.

  18. This is the reason why we need not to allow any illiterate old fool to lead us in Nigeria.

    No body impeached him for bribe he has been collecting, but he dethroned Sanusi for telling the truth. Shameless fool! APC can never be in power forever!!! Time shall tell!!!

  19. Is it enough to give food met 4 a child to a dog bcos der is Carta on his or her noise? Hummm if dis ur statements are true, y den d governor refused to cal d dethroned Amir to oda instead, he took dis harsh decision…der is GOD ooo

  20. So sad after listened to Kano State government spokesman. All the allegations leveled against the deposed Emir might not hold true with the constitutional positions in the court of law. It’s clear because of the overzealousness in trying to do away with an enemy his legal team did not do their professional diligence to the legal angle to the dethronment. The bureaucratic procedure was completely slipped. If The desposed Emir decided to challenge his case against kano State government his fame will be enormous.

  21. Sanusi future is very bright, this is the same man that told us about 25%, did u think somebody that faces the senators from many states will keep quite about the affairs of his state

  22. It is so unfortunate the way our constitution gave such power to the governor whose tenor is 4 or 8 years maximum in office. Emir Sanusi is known to be outspoken. Always speaking the truth to the North and there is nothing anyone can do about it.He has made name for himself and will be more popular.

  23. Watt! Are we truly practicing democracy in Nigeria? What’s wrong with our freedom of speech ? anyways…am this are signs of end time… “brothers will fight against brothers”…

    Nation will….. God pls forgive us

  24. Let Senate work on the immunity to be granted for kinship citizens also . something like suspension and not dismissal .

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