How Dr. Hassan Is Pioneering Medical Excellence In Nigeria

It’s more of a fairly tale story that you had expected to hear from an Amadi, Tunde, Musa or Owobokiri, because it’s actually the Nigerian story of medical excellence accomplished not in UK, USA or Saudi Arabia.


It’s a story of an Indian, who loves Nigeria so much that he naturalized here after following his father to Nigeria at a tender age.

So, having stayed here for over 50 years, therefore, it’s no longer the story of an Indian. It’s now the story of Dr. Hassan who against all odds decided to stick here and contribute his quota in building a greater Nigeria.

Happening at a time when our very best brains are running out of the country to go and seek greener pastures elsewhere, makes the story more unique and inspiring.


Just that Dr. Hassan is publicity shy, if not lots of Nigerians ought to have known him and in knowing him discover that the exact medical excellence they troop to India, Dubia, America, Saudi Arabia, etc, to get is in existence here in Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.

With his European Medical Certificate, mixing medical practice with deep compassion for the total well being of his clients first has been the secret behind his winning European Medical Association Best Medical Practice Honour in 2018.

Dr. Shabihul Hassan 65-bed Multi-specialty hospital with the latest up-to-date facilities is one of the factors that qualified it to be recognized among the very few QC 100 Certified Hospitals in Nigeria. Like wonder he’s a recipient of the highly revered honour- The Rose of Paracelsus Award from the same European Medical Association.


Dr. Hassan hospital is a multi specialist facility that provides comprehensive primary, secondary and tertiary care. The hospital was established with a vision to create a patient-centric tertiary healthcare organization in Nigeria, that is totally focused on non-intrusive quality care, utilizing the best and cutting-edge technology that has been the driving force of Nigerians trooping to Dubia, India, Europe and United States for medical tourism.

The advantage the hospital has is that it’s not only about professionalism, they mix medical practice with a human touch that makes you feel special.

From general and minimally invasive surgery, oncology surgery, gastroenterology and gastro-surgery, neurology and neuron surgery to obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics you will get the best treatment as obtainable anywhere in the world with highly experienced team of medical scientists at a very affordable cost.


If Dr. Hassan is in Nigeria making it, what excuse do so many of our highly gifted medical egg heads have not to make it here?

This doctor is the type of individual the government should fish out and not only reward them, but use them as the poster boy of the Nigerian medical tourism.

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